Jesus, in his deepest humiliation, betrayed, abandoned, denied, scourged, crowned with thorns and mocked, unjustly condemned, brutally nailed to a cross, manifests God as the king of another world, king in another dimension. Jesus, the bloodied, battered king, accepts and asserts his other-worldly dignity sometimes in silence and sometimes in sparse words cutting to the quick. He does not use power to dominate anyone, but rather to identify with every human person in his or her greatest suffering. In Jesus, we see Infinite Love longing for union with us not just in the good times, but also in the most wretched experiences of life – in our own suffering and in our inflicting suffering on others. The work Jesus has finished on the cross is the work of accepting us just as we are, staying with us even to the point of absorbing our cowardice, our violence, our hatred and our hostility, so that in the cauldron of divine Love we may be transformed. Jesus, you have made the unbelievable infinite, unconditional love of God for us believable. Through our experience of this year’s reading of your passion and death, bring us to deeper trust in that love so that we may extend it to others. Amen. (Kathryn Howard, OSB)