From the Pastor’s Desk | January 14, 2018

frsamDear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

With the Christmas season now ended, we begin a brief part of the season of Ordinary Time. Many of you know that I am no fan of the name “ordinary time” because there is, of course, nothing ordinary about it! In the old liturgical calendar, prior to Vatican II, the time between the end of Christmas and the beginning of Lent was marked by the number of weeks “after Epiphany.” Such is the importance of the feast we celebrated last weekend! Jesus Christ is manifested to the nations – we see Him for who He truly is, Messiah and Lord. As such, his presence in the world, the light he brings, has a vital impact on our lives.

The Gospel we read at Mass today bears this out. Christ manifested to the nations now begins His public ministry. He goes about proclaiming the Kingdom and calling followers to Himself. And so we find Jesus today calling the first of his disciples. Notice the response of these men. When His identity is pointed out to them by John the Baptist, these two men immediately follow Jesus, and, when He turns and speaks to them, they respond positively to His invitation to “come and see.”

“Come and see.” These simple words of Jesus represent the invitation He gives to every Christian, to you and to me. We ask with the disciples, “Lord, where are you staying?” “Lord, where can I find you in my life?” “Lord, where are you at work in my heart, in my world?” Jesus responds to each of us “Come and see.” We have all been invited to be true disciples of the Lord. We can only be disciples in name and in truth if we sincerely follow Jesus in everything. He invites us to accompany Him, to get to know Him, to live in His presence and mercy.

Therefore, there is nothing ordinary about this time – this is the time in which we have been invited to come and see. Jesus Himself looks at each of us and invites us to be disciples. This will mean learning the truth of the Gospel, living a life of prayer, growing each day in virtue, and motivated by all of this, turning our attention to serving those around us. To be a disciple is an extraordinary call. Because Jesus has come in the flesh, because He has been revealed to us as Christ and Lord, because His coming was announced to rich and poor alike, and because He has invited us to come with Him, this time is far from ordinary.

What is Jesus asking of you today? Where is He leading you in your spiritual life? Come and see.


Fr. Sam

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