Lifelong Faith Formation Monthly Gatherings

  • Click the "+" symbol to add multiple family members. List all participating household members in order from oldest to youngest, beginning with head(s) of household. If the last name is different from the household name, please include in the first column. **Please Note: Children may not participate in LFF without a parent/guardian present each month.
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  • Please use an email address that the family checks regularly, as this is our primary means of communication
  • If you would like to include a secondary email address, please provide it here.
  • Please provide a cell phone number that can be reached in the event of inclement weather or last minute cancellations
  • If you would like to provide an additional cell phone number for updates and cancellations, please include it here
  • For planning purposes, we ask that individuals and families register either for separate, 3-month blocks of Lifelong Faith Formation Gatherings or for all nine monthly sessions. Please check all that apply!
  • Participation in Lifelong Faith Formation requires that each household is registered with the parish.
  • **St. Pius X staff may use pictures containing families, including minors, for the sole purpose of promoting our program here at St. Pius X in the weekly bulletin, parish website, newsletters or articles that may appear in the Fairfield County Catholic (the Diocesan newspaper). News Releases will never contain last names of any minors. Addresses and phone numbers will never be released in such publications. This agreement will be considered active and ongoing unless it is cancelled, in writing, by the individual or their parent/guardian. I give permission for St. Pius X staff to photograph members of my family. These photos can be used in the above-named news releases from this day forward unless this agreement is cancelled per my request.
  • To cover any costs associated with our monthly gatherings for the year, a tax-deductible donation of $50/individual or $100/family is suggested. Please indicate the amount you would like to donate.
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