St. Pius Website Administration (Dashboard)

Welcome to the St. Pius X Admin area!  Here is where you’ll make updates to your website.

Front Page
Modify Slideshow (on left)
The featured image is the slide’s image and the description is the copy under the slide. Default size of slides are 585×382.

Modify Tabs (on right) except Events
Even though you see Events in this list, you don’t modify it here
Modify Events tab
Modify “Front Page Content”
These are the two areas of the front page that are used for extra content – you don’t need to add any new items here, just edit the existing items.
Modify Pastor’s Message
Newest messages (by published date) appear automatically on the front page. It’s easiest to clone the last message so that the picture is included. Use the ‘more’ feature to create the front page excerpt.

Site Pages
The majority of the website pages can be found and modified here

Photo Gallery
Modify the photo gallery

Parish History
Modify the “Chronology of Important Dates” section of the Parish History Page

St. Pius X Life Teen
Modify the About section at the top of the page
Add/modify posts about the youth group.
Make sure to put the post in the Youth Group category for them to appear on this page.

Special Announcement Section
Modify and turn on/off
The special announcements appear at the top of the page and can be used to draw attention to important events like school closings. To turn it off, put the item in Draft mode (on right). To make the announcement visible, publish it (orange button on right).

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