Important Information Regarding the Reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmations will take place at three ceremonies on Saturday, October 30. Please sign up for a ceremony via the link in your email.

Fall 2021 Confirmation FAQs

  • When are all of our forms, documents, and fees due?
    • You must submit all of the following on or before Tuesday, August 31, 2021:
      • Ceremony Sign Up to reserve your time slot (via SignUp Genius)
      • Candidate & Sponsor Information (via Google Forms)
      • Copy of Baptismal Certificate (if marked ‘incomplete’ in your information email)
      • Confirmation Fee of $20
      • Sponsor Affirmation Form
  • What time do we need to arrive?
    • Every candidate and their family MUST be seated no less than 10 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. Late arrivals will forfeit their assigned pew and will be moved to a pew in the back of the church, so as to not disturb the celebration.
  • What is the Sponsor Affirmation Form, and where can we find it?
    • The Sponsor Affirmation Form is exactly what it sounds like! It affirms that the candidate’s sponsor meets all of the requirements to act as sponsor, and must be filled out truthfully by every sponsor.
    • You can download the Sponsor Affirmation Form here.
  • Is it safe to attend an indoor ceremony? Will Confirmations take place outside?
    • We have been celebrating Masses publicly at St. Pius X since June 2020 without any confirmed COVID-19 cases linked to Mass attendance (thank God!), and any COVID-19 protocols still in place at the time of Confirmation will be followed without exception. Because of this, Confirmations will not take place outside of the church.
  • Can we take a picture with the Bishop/Fr. Sam?
    • Yes! Please follow all instructions given for photos on the day of Confirmation.
    • We encourage you to use the parish grounds to take any additional photos you wish. This allows us time to prepare for the next Confirmation celebration and/or our Saturday Vigil Mass. Please be mindful of others when taking photos, and please do not enter the sanctuary without permission!
  • Can I take a picture of my child(ren) being confirmed?
    • You are welcome to take any photos you wish from your assigned seat! However, only myself or a professional photographer (based on availability) will be allowed to take pictures outside of the pews in order to ensure that the moment is captured, unobstructed, for each candidate.
  • Are seats assigned?
    • Yes. The candidate, sponsor, and family will have one pew reserved for them on the date of Confirmation. A seating chart will be emailed for reference the week of Confirmation.
  • Will the Eucharist be distributed?
    • Because Confirmation will take place within a Celebration of the Word of God, the Eucharist will not be distributed.

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