Middle School Ministry & Confirmation Preparation

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This Week at SPX Edge!

This week at Edge, we spent time learning about the biblical character of Ruth and her example of friendship. We talked about the importance of being a good friend and the ways we can honor God by being a good friend to those around us. Here are a couple of questions for family discussion:

  • Why is Ruth one of the great women of the Bible? What does her story teach us?
  • What do you think is the most important trait of a best friend?
  • Who is someone that you struggle to be a good friend to and why? What’s one thing you can do to be an example of Christ’s love to them this week?

Fall 2017 Edge Nights

Month Week of  Edge Night Theme
September 18 Road Map Morality
25 Fortitude in the Storm Noah
October 2 Build Up or Break Down Virtue & Sin
9 Boundaries The Law
16 Our Hope and Our Promise Abraham
23 A Most Beloved Son Joseph
 November 6 Power Up Grace, Justification & the Church
13 An Unlikely Leader Moses
20 Working Together Society
27 My Neighbor Social Justice
 December 4 Who’s Your King? David
11 The Buddy System Ruth
18 SPX Edge Christmas Spectacular! Advent/Christmas