From the Pastor’s Desk | November 26, 2017

frsamDear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Jesus Christ is truly the Lord and King of our hearts, our world, and our universe! This weekend, the Church’s liturgy turns our attention to this fact and celebrates his Kingship with joy. The end of the liturgical year is marked by a remembrance of his great triumph over sin and death. We are reminded also to turn our hearts and minds to Him more fully.

This is good for us as we move into the Advent season next week. If Advent is a season of preparation for the coming of the Lord, the King of the Universe, then today’s feast of Christ the King is the necessary introduction. If Jesus is truly King and Lord, then his birth must be celebrated with joy, solemnity, and reverence. If Jesus is truly King and Lord, then there is much work to do in order that our homes may be prepared to welcome him. If Jesus is truly King and Lord of my life, then I know how hard I must work to conform my life to His!

Let today’s great feast be a new beginning in our hearts. Let Christ the King reign in all hearts, minds, homes, and communities. May we follow Him with undivided hearts and so grow always in His love, and be prepared to meet Him when He comes.


Fr. Sam