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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
         With the coming of spring, we see the coming of the sacramental season.  As we approach Pentecost, the great feast of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Spirit is alive and well in the sacraments and those who receive them. This weekend, many of our second graders received their First Holy Communion, and our Confirmation students will be confirmed by Bishop Caggiano.  Next weekend, we will again celebrate with more second graders and joyfully crown Mary as our mother and queen. Congratulations to all those receiving sacraments!

     On a personal note, I would like to thank all of you for your many notes, emails, and phone calls offering your support and prayers as, with my family, I grieve the loss of my paternal grandparents.  John and Edith Kachuba were married for nearly 70 years (May 4th is their anniversary), and were separated by death for less than 6 days.  I was privileged to witness their love for one another and for their family.  While Grandpa was in the hospital, for all his happiness at being surrounded by his grandchildren (and the five Kachuba grandchildren can be a loud, laughing bunch), there was only one thing he really wanted - to see Grandma again.  Before I said my final goodbye, I celebrated the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick for him.  When I finished, he smiled and winked at me and said, “It must be some sort of sensation to help someone get ready to die.  I’m going to tell Grandma about this.”

    It’s not easy to bury two people you love within one week (in fact, their funerals were exactly one week apart).  But it is made easier when you know that you go to the altar and to the cemetery with the love, support, and prayers of so many members of this family of faith. On behalf of the entire Kachuba family, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Fr. Sam



Celtic wisdom summarizes our fifty days of Easter in seven words: Be still and let love discover you.
The seven weeks of our Sunday readings, from Acts of the Apostles, Revelation and the Gospel of John map out the landscape of God’s great love for us.
Over and over again we are reminded that God encircles us with hope, protection and companionship. And Jesus calls us friends.
Friendship is the nature of God and stillness is where we encounter and recognize God.

St. Pius X Prayer Line

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Rosary for Healing and Peace

Every Friday at 9:00am

Join us in thanksgiving and petition for personal intentions and for the various needs of the Church and of the world.  


St. Pius X Parishioners bring non perishable food to the church and leave it in the wooden boxes in the usher’s room in the front foyer.  Parish volunteers deliver the food to Blessed Sacrament and St. Charles Parishes in Bridgeport as well as The Thomas Merton Center in Bridgeport and Operation Hope in Fairfield.  If you would like to participate in this ministry, then please bring your food donations at anytime and it will be delivered weekly.  Thank you for caring and sharing!

Every day local Fairfield churches provide community meals to Operation Hope on a rotating schedule.  St. Pius X is assigned the 2nd Tuesday of the month and WE NEED YOUR HELP to continue this tradition.  Meals could be prepared at home or with a group inthe St. Pius X Faith Center kitchen.  Let's help support Fairfield Only Shelter!  Call or email Terri Carron to learn more about this ministry, (203) 256-1055 or