Welcome to St. Pius

We, the members of St. Pius X Parish, are a Roman Catholic family of faith rooted in the Eucharist, nourished by God’s Word and faithful to the sacramental life of the Church. We are committed to welcoming every person we encounter with the love and mercy of Christ. We strive to imitate Christ in all that we say and do. We are committed to teaching and sharing the Gospel, to supporting one another in prayer and action, and to reaching out to those in need, so that, as a community of disciples, we can embrace our parish patron’s call to “restore all things in Christ.”

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Palm Sunday, March 25
6:30PM Adoration and 7:30PM Compline

Confession, 3PM-9PM, Monday, March 26
the Chapel. Confession available throughout the Diocese, visit https://www.bridgeportdiocese.org/bishopannounces-reconciliation-monday.

Tenebrae, 7PM, Monday, March 26 in the Church



Holy Thursday, March 29

8:30AM Morning Prayer and 7:30PM Mass of the

Lord’s Supper with Adoration until 11PM


Good Friday, March 30

8:30AM Morning Prayer, 3PM The Lord’s Passion,

and 7:30PM Stations of the Cross in the Church

Holy Saturday, March 31

8:30AM Morning Prayer, 10AM Blessing of Easter

Food, and 2PM-4PM Confession

Easter Vigil, 7:30PM, Saturday, March 31

Easter Sunday Masses, April 1

7:30AM, 9AM, 10:30AM, and 12Noon











Jesus, in his deepest humiliation, betrayed, abandoned, denied, scourged, crowned with thorns and mocked, unjustly condemned, brutally nailed to a cross, manifests God as the king of another world, king in another dimension. Jesus, the bloodied, battered king, accepts and asserts his other-worldly dignity sometimes in silence and sometimes in sparse words cutting to the quick. He does not use power to dominate anyone, but rather to identify with every human person in his or her greatest suffering. In Jesus, we see Infinite Love longing for union with us not just in the good times, but also in the most wretched experiences of life – in our own suffering and in our inflicting suffering on others. The work Jesus has finished on the cross is the work of accepting us just as we are, staying with us even to the point of absorbing our cowardice, our violence, our hatred and our hostility, so that in the cauldron of divine Love we may be transformed. Jesus, you have made the unbelievable infinite, unconditional love of God for us believable. Through our experience of this year’s reading of your passion and death, bring us to deeper trust in that love so that we may extend it to others. Amen. (Kathryn Howard, OSB)





Holy season of Triduum


The liturgical season of Lent will come to an end at sundown on Holy Thursday. The season of Triduum will then begin. Although Triduum, literally three days, is the shortest liturgical season, it is also our most holy season. Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday comprise the Triduum: one liturgy that extends over three days. Leading up to Holy Thursday, we walk with Jesus in Jerusalem in the midst of the mounting hostility against him. We are with him while Judas seeks out Caiaphas in order to betray his loving Friend for thirty pieces of silver

(Spy Wednesday.) We join him at the celebration of the Passover meal during which he gives us himself in the substances of bread and wine that are transformed into his Body and Blood. Jesus’ Last Supper becomes our Sacrificial Meal, our Eucharist, our Mass. We remain with him in silence as he suffers and dies on the cross. We keep watch at the tomb. We await with joyful hope his Resurrection. Question for reflection: Into which side of the story do I choose to go deeper: Passion or Resurrection?



Knights of Columbus Blood Drive: 9AM-2PM, Saturday, April 28, in the Gym in the Religious Education Center. Limited Space, pre-register NOW. For additional information, and to pre-register, contact Curtis Bentley at cmgbentley@gmail.com.

Support for Vocations/Seminarians (Year Round.) For more information, contact Vince Giandurco at vgct@gmail.com.

Want to join the St. Pius X Knights of Columbus? Contact Bob Elinskas at bobelinskas@gmail.com or Tom Kelty at tkelty@gmail.com.